A Game Of Chances

Last night the Badgers went toe to toe with Dinnington Town, with over 180 in attendance for a midweek game it was a game that was hyped up from when the fixtures were released. The Badgers hoped to carry on where they left off on Saturday while Dinnington were out to impress as it was their first game of the season.

Unlike on Saturday, United started well and pushed on from the off. In the 6th minute Sam Forster beat the opposition full back and put in a cross, Dean Conway couldn’t get the right connection on the ball, so it went over. Retford kept possession well in the first twenty but couldn’t take their chances. In the 23rd minute a mistake in the box made it easy for the Dinnington forward to just tap it in. Frustrating for the Badgers after controlling the majority of the play. A big chance to equalise came in the 36th minute as Matty Templeton hit the bar from a free kick. If only the ball would have dipped a bit more. Matty Templeton proving he is very useful from set pieces. The Badgers were one nil down at half.

When the game resumed, the opposition seemed to have gotten a second wind and did what we did at the beginning of the first half and piled on the pressure. Tom Crosby made a few great saves but the relentless pressure meant that they got their second of the night. A shot from Joe Byron went straight into the bottom right of the goal. Very good finish. After the goal the Badgers couldn’t get a rhythm and Dinnington was defending extremely well. A few crosses were put in by the substitutes Igor Mlynarski and Tongo Chiti, but nothing came from them. Unfortunately Tongo had to go off as he got winded and couldn’t get his breath. Tongo is going for a check up on it today, hope everything goes well. Last night proved that football is a game of chances and if you don’t take yours, you’ll get punished. Liam and the lads will regroup in time for Saturday’s away game against Clay Cross. We go again.

“Up the Badgers”