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We’re extremely excited to announce that in Spring 2021 we will be installing our state of the art all weather 4G pitch. We have always tried looking at how we can make the facilities better and this is a huge step in the right direction. Come rain or shine, artificial turf is the perfect surface to play football on. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf requires very little water. Excessive water consumption is not only bad for the environment, but financially damaging for the football club. The 4G pitch also reduces the risk of injury. Artificial turf is capable of withstanding intensive usage. This means that it can be used virtually around the clock without showing any signs of wear. Also we’re able to open it up to the community to use at any time it is not needed by the club. The benefits of this change are endless. There are under 900 4G pitches in use across England, we feel very lucky that we’re going to be one of them. This solidifies our place in the future of the game we all love. Hunts Contractors from Barlborough will begin the work around March next year. They specialise in all kinds of different pitches. Updates will come through social media when the work has started. This is a huge step forward for the club and the community.

“Up the Badgers”